A course that delivers die-hard customers.

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A course that delivers die-hard customers.

Watch the video for a course overview.

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This course will give struggling entrepreneurs the strategy to build a powerful and profitable business.

Create customers. Increase sales.

Every entrepreneur is in sales. I'll teach you how to improve your marketing and communicate what you do with confidence.

Be mission driven. 

There will be dark days in business. Establish a mission for your business that helps you and your team persevere through the tough times.

Execute like a beast.

Growth is the result of relentless execution. Master a strategy that tells you exactly what you need to execute for beastly growth.

Make bold choices.

Great business leaders have the courage to make tough decisions. This course will equip you with the knowledge to make the right choice. 

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What do you get in the course:

  • 5+ Hours of coaching

  • 20+ Customizable templates

  • 20+ Focused lessons 

  • Exclusive Slack Channel

  • Experience based teaching

  • 365 Day Access 


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You've taken the courageous first step and realized growing a business is hard.

 You deserve some help.

You've taken the courageous first step and realized growing a business is hard.

You deserve some help.

"As a first time founder running a business is overwhelming. I've spent hours on YouTube looking for help without getting anywhere. This course is exactly what I needed." 

Tom Rodriguez, Founder Tell Me Your Dreams


of employees don't know their company's mission statement


of startup businesses fail because there’s no market need for their products.


of leadership teams spend less than one hour per month on strategy.

You deserve some help.

It's time to say goodbye to:

  • All work. No pay.
  • Feeling stuck in the day-to-day.
  • Watching our competitors win.
  • Late nights looking for answers.
  • Bad marketing that doesn't work


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The Solving Hollow Course Structure 

A look at each lesson in the online course.

Section 1: 

Align A Compelling Culture

Lesson 1: The Value of Culture

Lesson 2: Leadership & strategy

Lesson 3: What is the big dream?

Lesson 4: The Mission Statement

Lesson 5: The Vision Statement

Lesson 6: The Core Values

Lesson 7: Brand Culture Vibes

Lesson 8: Managing Humans

Section 2: 

Define Your Brand Message

Lesson 1: Setting Your Brand Apart

Lesson 2: Who Are Your Customers?

Lesson 3: The Hero Customer

Lesson 4: Analyze Competition

Lesson 5: Brand Positioning

Lesson 6: Brand Storytelling

Lesson 7: Brand Personality

Lesson 8: Write Your Brand Script

Lesson 9: Marketing Strategy

Section 3: 

Design A Strategic Roadmap

Lesson 1: Building a Strategy

Lesson 2: The Mission Metric

Lesson 3: The Mission Plan and Threats

Lesson 4: Priorities and Goals

Lesson 5: Team Roles and Responsibilities

Lesson 6: Planning the Money

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If it doesn't make a substantial difference in your business we will give your money back. 

Take course once.

Use it Forever.

The framework from this course can be used every year for planning in the future.

Cody Wittick, Co-Founder Kynship Agency

The resources in this course transformed the way I look at my business. My partner and I thought we were aligned but then we took this course and realized our behavior was fulfilling different vision. Now we're on the same page and more confident about our future as not just founders, but business leaders.

Miranda Tripp, Founder of Tuck and Bundle

I may or may not have a WWKCD bracelet. I have gone through the framework and worked directly with KC. He has helped me so much with focus. The lessons in this course are challenging but it feels like you're talking with a friend. Because he's done it, he gets it.

The course seems great, but...