All the building blocks of a successful business strategy in one course.

Only $299 for a limited time.

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 All the building blocks of a successful business strategy in one course.

Only $299 for a limited time.

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Designed to give struggling entrepreneurs the strategy to build a powerful and profitable business.

Create customers. Increase sales.

Every entrepreneur is in sales. I'll teach you how to improve your marketing and communicate what you do with confidence.

Be mission driven. 

There will be dark days in business. Establish a mission for your business that helps you and your team persevere through the tough times.

Execute like a beast.

Growth is the result of relentless execution. Master a strategy that tells you exactly what you need to execute for beastly growth.

Make bold choices.

Great business leaders have the courage to make tough decisions. This course will equip you with the knowledge to make the right choice. 

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You've taken the courageous first step and realized growing a business is hard.

 You deserve some help.

You've taken the courageous first step and realized growing a business is hard.

You deserve some help.


of employees don't know their company's mission statement


of startup businesses fail because there’s no market need for their products.


of leadership teams spend less than one hour per month on strategy.

You deserve some help.

It's time to say goodbye to:

  • All work. No pay.
  • Feeling stuck in the day-to-day.
  • Watching our competitors win.
  • Late nights looking for answers.
  • Bad marketing that doesn't work


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The Solving Hollow Course Structure 

Each section represents a building block of a clear and exciting strategy.

Section 1: Align a compelling culture.


The Value of Culture

Start by learning why culture matters and how to make yours the key to success.


Leadership and Strategy

Before we can get into culture, we must align the leaders responsible for it.


What is the Big Dream?

Every entrepreneur needs to dream big, and know what they want. Do you?


solving hollow compelling culture lesson 4 the mission statement

The Mission Statement

A formula for writing the inspirational "Why" behind your Big Dream.


The Vision Statement

If you achieve the mission statement, what will your business become?


Confronting Core Values 

Next, we'll create core values to align behaviours with the mission and vision.


Brand Culture Vibe

People don't choose companies, they choose cultures. Align vibe with values.


Managing Humans

Providing a performance template for holding employees accountable.


Section 2: Define your brand message. 


Setting Your Brand Apart

An introductory lesson on how marketing is about being different. 


Who Is Your Customer?

A brand's first step in solving a problem is identifying and  knowing who has it.


The Hero Customer

We have the customer segment, now let's choose the hero to speak to.


To Know Thine Enemy

Who else is targeting your customer and what are they saying? I'll tell you.


What's Your Position?

Are you communicating what makes you different to your customers? 


Tell Your Brand Story

Now, let's share our unique message to make marketing clear and effective.


Give Your Brand Personality

 Give your brand message a voice that creates customers and keeps them.


Write Your Brand Script

Use the story to craft a script to customers and deliver a deal closing one-liner.


Marketing Strategy

Brand is feeling and marketing is action. Develop a one page strategy with the key components of growth (even if you know nothing about marketing).


Section 3: Design a strategic roadmap. 


Building a Strategy

How to get aligned on what a "good strategy" means for your business.


Know Your Mission Metric

In every business, there is one metric to rule them all. Do you know yours?


Mission Plan and Threats

We have the metric. Now, where are we going and how do we survive?


Priorities and Goals

We have a plan. Let's use this clear and concise goal setting formula to execute.


Roles and Responsibilities

Assign team members ownership over the strategic tasks to achieve our goals.


Show Me the Money

Wrap it up by declaring the vital processes to increase revenue and profitability.


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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't confident in your strategy after the course we will give your money back. 

Take course once.

Use it forever.

The framework from this course can be used every year for planning in the future.

My problem was  figuring out which opportunity to pursue. I came away from this course and time with KC with a clear plan.

Jordan Palmer, QB Summit

I loved KC's approach to culture. I got my money's worth after only one day. I now have a team with aligned values.

Scot Prohaska, Procode 6

We were struggling with our messaging to differentiate. This course gave us such a clear way to do it and our launch crushed!

AmyLee Cosmetics

The course seems great, but...

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