Leadership is Learned

Mar 17, 2021

Dear Leader, 

You are concerned because your company is growing and you need to hire people. You have just been promoted to manage a team and you’ve never led anyone before. People are looking to you to take the reins and you have no leadership experience.

Do not panic. Leadership is a learned skill. Very few people are natural-born leaders.

 Most leadership qualities people “naturally” exhibit had those behaviors modeled to them when they were young which led to their understanding of the qualities required to be a great leader. If that isn’t you, do not be concerned. Be excited. You get to learn how to better care for people.

How rad is that?

Great leadership is a muscle. You break it down to build it back up and it gets stronger and stronger.

The beginning phases will be tough because you will behave in ways that are foreign but do not be discouraged. If you commit to improving you will become an exceptional leader. My favorite stories are of the unexpected leaders who made mistakes but rose to the occasion and exceeded their previously unthinkable expectations.

Leadership. No previous experience required.


With purpose,

KC Holiday


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