Your Blind Spot

Mar 18, 2021

I remember my sweaty palms soaking the pleather steering wheel as a student driver before I braced for that extra look over my shoulder that was needed to see my blind spot.

“I have this mirror that is supposed to tell me, but that doesn’t even do it! I need to completely take my eyes off the road in front of me to look into the blind spot??”



Because you should be maintaining a safe distance from catastrophe in front of you that you can see, to ensure you can look for the catastrophe that may come from what you can’t see.

Driving with your head down only looking forward disallows the window of discovery about yourself and your business. Dedicate time monthly to step back. Leaders need to have the ability to discover what hides in their blind spot.

Like driving, just looking in the mirror isn’t enough to find out. Ask the people you are leading, friends, or family where your blind spot may be.

The bigger the vehicle the bigger the blind spot. What are you not noticing about yourself that you should be? What are you not noticing about your business that you should be? Because the funny thing about a blind spot is that everyone else but the driver can see it and all it takes is one damn smart car to cause a wreck.

With purpose, 

KC Holiday

Creator/Founder, Solving Hollow

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