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An online course teaching the Solving Hollow Framework, created to give founders clarity from mission to money. 


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Be The Leader Your Business Deserves

The essential course teaching founders a framework to align, define and design a thriving business.

Explore the Course

Far too often founders chase the alluring narrative of building a business and jump in without a clear strategy for the future.


You deserve to know exactly where your business is going and how to get it there. 


100 million in revenue with QALO.

10 years of experience as a founder.

1 epic framework for founders.  

I created this course based on my experience to help you become an epic leader who is putting your company in the best possible position for growth.

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Meet your new business mentor

KC Holiday, Creator of Solving Hollow

I'm not your typical business leader. I stumbled into entrepreneurship and fell in love with building brands. This framework is the knowledge I've learned scaling a rapid growth business, getting my product on top influencers, and working with hundreds of founders. It is thoughtfully curated to teach you the structure and strategy you need to go from a passionate founder to an epic leader of a thriving business. I believe you can do it.

Let's build your dream business.

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Grew QALO to $125,000,000+ of revenue

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Developed Inc. 500 Companies


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Coached Founders To 7 Figure Businesses 


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StoryBrand Certified Guide

Created "Top Place To Work Culture"

1 on 1 Coaching with KC
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"This course is a master class for business founders. It should be a rite of passage for anyone trying to grow a business."

Taylor, Founder of Common Thread Collective Agency
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The Course

The Solving Hollow Framework: 

This course is not for the faint of heart. You will learn everything from solidifying your mission and vision, to positioning your brand, to setting long-term strategic goals. Create the focus and clarity that's been missing through three sections: a compelling culture, a clear brand message, and a strategic roadmap.

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Align a Compelling Culture

Define a Clear Brand Message

Design a Strategic Roadmap

What you can expect from the course:


In-Depth Coaching

Over 20 lessons with a customizable template for each committed to sharing what I've learned, teaching you my framework, and well, just making you better. Bonus: I promise you won't be bored.

Focused Framework

I've spent over 2,000 hours creating this framework. (Truth - ask my wife) Using a decade of experience I shaped it into a structure with 50+ pages you can use to create the clarity your business needs. 

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Access To Experience

You get direct access to me with any questions you may have. I will also be doing bi-weekly group calls with members to answer any questions with customizing your framework. 

Transformation of KC Holiday from running a business at home to a big office

Insane Transformation

It's not for experts. It's for the willing. You can grow a life changing business. I was a college dropout bartending in LA. It starts with a willingness to transform and this course will do it.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

From founder to epic business leader or your money back.

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