The Essential Course for Business Founders.

An online course teaching founders a framework to master a strategy from mission to money. Created by KC Holiday, who grew QALO to over $20,000,000 annual revenue in 3 years.


The Essential Course for Business Founders.

Created by KC Holiday, who grew QALO to over $20,000,000 annual revenue in 3 years. Solving Hollow is an online course teaching founders a framework to master a strategy from mission to money.



Know your "Why" and align your vision


Stand out and create loyal customers


Design a roadmap for the future

Being your own boss seemed like a great idea...


Turns out, it's way more difficult than you thought. Now, your head's spinning as you shamelessly share your product, try to discover which of the 50 paid media channels will work, wonder what the hell COGS are and managing people...don't even go there. You want to stop reacting to your business and start feeling in control. 

Stop with the YouTube videos. Put down the books.


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"If there is one course a founder should take it is Solving Hollow. Insane value for the price, and KC teaches in a way that helps you make immediate changes to improve your business."

Taylor Lagace, Co-Founder of Kynship

Learn The Framework Your Vision Needs


Learn The Framework Your Vision Needs

Design a Strategy To Catalyse Growth

Design a strategy to catalyse growth.


5x Cheaper than 1 MBA Course


Explore the Course

5x Cheaper than 1 MBA Course


Explore the Course

"Mission. Marketing. Money. This course is a master class on what's important. It should be a rite of passage for founders."

Taylor, Founder of Common Thread Collective Agency

"I struggled with marketing my business, but this course broke it down in a way that gave me so much clarity and direction."

Garrett, Founder of Elkhead Clothing

"It's the most helpful course I've ever taken. I was worried about the time commitment, but this framework is worth every second."

Chris Hunter, Founder of Hunter Building Services

5+ Hours of Learning

In-depth video lessons to give you the clarity you need for the future.

20+ Business Templates

Each lesson has a template giving you a framework to get the answers you need. 

Exclusive Slack Channel

A tight-knit community giving you direct access to KC and other hungry founders.

Learn from someone who's done it.

Hi, I'm KC. Creator of Solving Hollow.

I'm not your typical business leader. I launched a company from a garage and fell in love with building a brand. This framework is the knowledge I learned scaling a rapid growth business to $30M a year in 4 years, getting my product on top influencers like LeBron James and Steph Curry, and working with hundreds of founders. It is thoughtfully curated to teach you the structure and strategy you need to go from a hopeful founder to an epic leader of a breakthrough business. I believe you can do it.

Let's build your dream business.

Grew QALO to $125,000,000+ 

Built and Sold Inc. 500 Companies

StoryBrand Certified Guide

Coached Founders to 7 Figure Businesses

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I'm interested, but...

What are you waiting for?

Strategy from mission to money or your money back.


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